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Experience the ease of importing, culling, editing, and exporting with FilterPixel.
Whether it’s RAW, DNG, or JPG, start culling within seconds and simplify every step of your process.

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Import RAWs and JPEGs to start Culling within seconds.

Ingest and create backups directly from your memory cards.

Import multiple albums at the same time without hassle

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Culling with AI: Precision and Confidence like no other

Breeze through photos, identifying the best shots and categorizing common issues. That’s less time on selection and more on creativity.

Sophisticated Editing: Smarter. Faster. Easier.

FilterPixel AI mimics your style, from cropping to exposure adjustment. Create a personalized editing profile and explore diverse styles from our marketplace.

Seamless Export Options:

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Easily export your edited photos to Lightroom, Capture One, or Photo Mechanic. Choose from various formats to suit your needs.

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Dominic & Ruby

Wedding Photographer, UK

“FilterPixel gives us our lives back.”

We take around 20K photos at a wedding and, now we can edit them faster and our clients can get their photos faster.

It doesn't take away any creative control, we have trained it on our photos & it edits as per our style.

Bonnie Blu

Wedding Photographer, Atlanta

“Now I can deliver weddings in one day rather than months”

It saves me days that I can spend with my son and, at the same time, deliver galleries much faster to my clients.

The best thing about FilterPixel is that it learns your preferences as you use it.

Shinu John

Portrait Photographer, Dublin

“It's an irreplaceable tool for photographers”

For culling 500 photos manually, It would take me an hour but Filterpixel does this barely in minutes.

It saves so much time & money and is irreplaceable


Your Privacy is Protected

Rest easy knowing your privacy and security are our top priorities, we never share your photos with anyone.

FilterPixel keeps you GDPR compliant, giving you full control over your data. Experience the future of personalised photo editing today!


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FAQ Section
Have Questions? Find Answers Here
Learn how to use FilterPixel, understand its unique advantages, and discover the range of camera files supported. Start your journey to more creative freedom and less manual work.
Why should I use FilterPixel?

FilterPixel's AI adapts to your style rather than you adapting to AI. The AI customizes to learn your style and genre of photography. AI culls differently for different types of shoots : Weddings & Elopements Portraits Family Portraits Newborn & Maternity There’s something for everyone :)

What does the AI accept and reject?

Filterpixel’s AI groups all the similar photos and picks out the best one from every set. This is done to make sure that you never miss out on any photos. FilterPixel helps you identify out of focus, blurry photos and photos with unwanted blinks by tagging them as rejects. We know every shot matters so the AI won't reject your aesthetic blurry photos or the ones with slow shutter speed.

Can I trust filterpixel with my data or images?

FilterPixel is GDPR and CCPA Compliant. We do not upload your original images anywhere and we have no intention or the right to distribute, sell or share your data. Read our privacy policy here.

What devices and image formats does FilterPixel support?

FilterPixel is compatible with both Windows and Mac. For Image formats, Filterpixel supports all the leading RAW formats & JPEGs. Here is the list: NEF ; CR3 ; HEIC ; JPG ; CR2 ; DNG ; ARW ; 3FR ; DCR ; ORF ; RW2 ; RAW ; PEF ; RAF ; PSD

Can I trust filterpixel with my data or images?

FilterPixel is GDPR and CCPA Compliant. We do not upload your original images anywhere and we have no intention or the right to distribute, sell or share your data. Read our privacy policy here.

How much does FilterPixel cost?

Your first 10,000 photos are on us, here at Filterpixel. You can take a free 14-day trial and avail it. The pricing of Filterpixel can be found on our Pricing Page.

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